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Catharina-Amalia, Princess of Orange, is the heir apparent to the throne of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, consisting of the constituent countries of Aruba, Curaçao, the Netherlands, and Sint Maarten. Catharina-Amalia is the eldest child of King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima of the Netherlands.


Catharina-Amalia is 18 years old.


The heir to the Dutch throne was under heightened security due to fears that criminal gangs may target her for kidnapping or an attack, the royal family revealed last month.

It is reported that Prince Catharina-Amalia’s name came up during tapped conversations between organized armed groups – indicating she may be at risk of kidnapping or attacks.

The name of Prime Minister Mark Rutte also appeared in underworld communications.

The alleged security threat, investigated over the past six weeks, is reported to have come from 44-year-old Ridouan Taghi, a known “Mocro-maffia” figure in Amsterdam, who is currently on trial for several murders.

The Micro-Maffia is believed to be one of the most significant drug-trafficking gangs in Europe.

Over the past 12 months, Dutch security services claimed to have foiled plans for a violent jailbreak after kingpin Taghi allegedly ordered the murder of a critical witness and senior prosecutor.

Taghi, who was arrested in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates in 2019, immediately denied the allegations on Wednesday, describing the alleged plot as a false and baseless accusation.

His lawyer, Inez Weski, said Taghi “strongly” denied the claims, explaining that the man had made it clear he “didn’t want to hurt Princess Amalia” and he “would never harm a child,” according to The National News.

During a state visit to Sweden, Catharina-Amalia’s dad King Willem-Alexander described her situation as “very tough,” according to France24.

“It has huge consequences for her life. It means she doesn’t live in Amsterdam and also that she can’t go outside,” her mother, Queen Maxima, is reported as saying by the Dutch outlet AD.

“The consequences are complicated for her. No student life for her, like other students, have… It’s not nice to see your child live like that. She can go to university, but that’s it,” Queen Maxima said during the state visit with her husband.

Prime Minister Rutte said he was “apprehensive” about Catharina-Amalia’s “terrible” situation.

Meanwhile, the country’s Justice and Security Minister Dilan Yesilgoz-Zegerius tweeted: “I guarantee that our security services are working day and night to ensure her security.”

In September, De Telegraaf had reported that security had been bolstered over fears the local “mafia could target the princess.”

The heir to the throne, who started a degree in politics, psychology, law, and economics, has now permanently left her shared flat and moved back to the Huis ten Bosch royal palace.

“Other princes and princesses have always been able to study. Unfortunately, these kinds of measures are needed now,” Edwin Bakker, professor of terrorism and counterterrorism at Leiden University, is reported as saying by the Het Parool newspaper.

“Everything will have been done to allow Amalia to simply live in Amsterdam, something to which she has every right, but this is extremely difficult if there is a major threat.”

Bakker added: “What happens goes beyond crime, and it is so disruptive that it is socially disruptive. It is an attack on the democratic legal order.”

Catharina-Amalia was reported to have been living with several other students.

Dutch police and secret service have declined to comment on the security arrangements around the royal household.