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Cassidy Moreno
Cassidy Moreno

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Cassidy Moreno, who was fighting for her life after being shot in a violent road rage incident last week, has died, Arizona’s Family reported.


Cassidy Moreno was eight years old.


According to multiple reports, a young girl was the ultimate victim of a road rage incident that started with a knife fight and ended with gunshots at a Phoenix intersection between two men last week.

The incident started at a four-way stop after the male driver of a four-door black sedan picked up his daughters from school, according to court documents obtained by AZFamily.com.

“[The driver] says [Sidney] Garrand seemingly became upset when he had turned left in front of him to go south of 16th Street. Garrand reportedly turned his Jeep around, then followed the man and his family, which included his wife and three daughters,” the site reported from the court document.

At the intersection, Garrand got out of his vehicle, and the men began fighting, police said during a press conference.

“The two adult males ended up getting out of their vehicles and continued with this fight in the intersection,” said Phoenix Police Sgt. Brian Bower. “One man grabbed a knife and stabbed the other multiple times.”

The unidentified driver returned to his vehicle and began to drive away when Garrand allegedly grabbed a gun from the passenger side of his truck and fired at the sedan.

“While driving away from the scene, the adult male who was stabbed multiple times brandishes a handgun and starts firing at the vehicle as he’s leaving the area,” Bower said. “The bullets ended up striking the vehicle, and it also struck an 8-year-old juvenile female in the vehicle.”

Cassidy Moreno was struck by a bullet and taken to the hospital in critical condition, where she later died from her injuries.

Now, her family is attempting to raise money for the girl’s funeral on GoFundMe.

“I am starting a fundraiser for my sister Michelle Hernandez and her little family because they were victims of a road rage incident on their way home from their daughter’s award ceremony in which Carlos (dad) and their youngest daughter Cassidy (my niece) suffered injuries,” Cassidy’s aunt wrote on the site. “Unfortunately my niece succumbed to her injury on Saturday 10/29/22 at 12:00 noon.”

After Garrand was treated for his injuries, he was arrested for homicide and booked at Maricopa County Jail, WSAZ reported. It was unclear whether he had entered a plea or obtained an attorney who could speak on his behalf.