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Carmen White, 38, is facing a capital murder charge for the March 31 death of her sister Cynthia Cervantes and then forcing her 13-year-old son to move the body.


Carmen White is 38 years old.


A Houston woman is accused of killing her sister and forcing her 13-year-old son to move the body.

Carmen White, 38, is facing a capital murder charge concerning the March 31 death of her sister Cynthia Cervantes.

Cervantes was shot multiple times, including once in the back of the neck, dumped at the end of a dirt road, and set on fire, according to a felony complaint.

Video footage allegedly showed White’s vehicle, a grey Chevrolet HHR, at the location where the body was dumped for six to seven minutes before driving off on April 1.

A witness told police that White was angry with her sister for calling the police on her in Feb. 2022. According to the witness, Cervantes had “reported a terroristic threat” against her sister and was “arrested at the time and found to have methamphetamine in her possession.”

“[Witness] stated that [White] was very angry about [Cervantes] calling the police, having to go to jail and her previous car being towed and not being able to recover it from the tow lot,” the complaint states.

Another witness told police that on March 31, he was contacted by White, who asked him to help her dispose of a body in exchange for sexual favors.

The witness said White picked him up and took him to a vacant unit below her apartment, “where she showed him a body and said that she needed help moving the body to her vehicle in exchange for sexual favors as payment,” according to the document. “[Witness] described the body as wrapped in a garbage bag, but he could clearly see that the person was deceased.”

He said he declined to help and asked White to drive him home.

Investigators also spoke to White’s 13-year-old son, who told them that he was at the park playing with his 12-year-old brother when his mother showed up, the complaint states. He said he followed his mother to the apartment complex dumpster, where she allegedly “instructed him to assist her in lifting a bagged unknown item from the dumpster area and placing it in the trunk of her vehicle.”

The teen allegedly told police he “reached down and lifted what felt like human legs, so he dropped the legs back to the ground,” according to the complaint.

White allegedly became angry and forced him to pick up the body and take it to her vehicle.

“[Her son] said that he again resisted, but his mother became extremely aggressive, and he feared what she may do to him, so he gave in out of fear for his safety,” the complaint states. “[Her son] said he then went to his apartment and went to sleep.”

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