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Who is Bud Marty May? Bio, Wiki, Age, Suspect, Police Report

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Bud Marty May was arrested in Box Elder around 4 a.m. Sunday and charged with second-degree rape, court filings said. The criminal complaint alleges May used “force, coercion, or threats of immediate and great bodily injury” against the victim.


Bud Marty May is 37 years old.


A prospective South Dakota GOP lawmaker was arrested on suspicion of second-degree rape two days after failing to unseat his mother from the state legislature.

The alleged crime occurred against a woman on November 13 in a Box Elder bar bathroom stall, with 37-year-old Marty May telling police upon his arrest: ‘It was simply a hug.’

May is said to have forced himself on the victim, saying: ‘I am 6ft 8ins, white; it is all consensual,’ according to the police report.

The report also says the woman was discovered with ‘dirt, blood and an abrasion on her face,’ with the blood appearing to have come from an unrelated injury on May’s brow.

The judge at an initial court hearing on Tuesday added that the victim was found hiding behind a bar by police officers following the incident.

May had also appeared in court the day before on unrelated charges, speaking before a judge by video link over two misdemeanor charges of driving without valid insurance and with expired plates.

During the Monday hearing, he reportedly told the judge that he thought his appearance was related to his rape charge arrest.

May’s bond on Tuesday for the rape charge was set at $7,500, with a preliminary hearing set for Nov. 30. If convicted, he could face up to 50 years in prison and a $50,000 fine.

May ran for a seat in the South Dakota state House against his mother, Republican state representative Liz Marty May, but finished in fourth place in the four-way race for two seats in District 27.

His mother took 26.71% of the vote, while incumbent Peri Pourier took 28.96%. Democrat Norma Rendon took 22.71%, with May coming in last with 22.16%.