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Brian Anderson Bourquard, 39, was arrested for murder in the first degree in Philadelphia, Penn. On Aug. 9, Oscar Cash Gonzales, 34, was arrested for first-degree murder in Riverside, CA. Also, on Aug. 9, Brandon Michael Reeve, 42, was arrested for second-degree murder in Sarasota, Fla.


Brian Anderson Bourquard is 39 years old.


Authorities have arrested three men for murdering a 33-year-old woman whose headless body was pulled from Puget Sound in Washington state more than 15 years ago.

The Kitsap County Sheriff’s Office worked with law enforcement in three states to apprehend the three suspects responsible for killing Shanan Lynn Read.

A fourth suspect has been identified but is deceased.

According to a statement, Brian Anderson Bourquard, 39, was arrested on Monday in Philadelphia for first-degree murder. At the same time, Brandon Michael Reeve, 42, was detained Tuesday in Sarasota, Florida, for second-degree murder. Also, on Tuesday, Oscar Cash Gonzales, 43, was arrested in Riverside, California, and charged with first-degree murder.

All three are being held on $10 million bail in the states where they were apprehended.

The deceased suspect’s name was Anthony Marou Martinez.

A citizen reported finding Read’s remains on Jan. 15, 2006, floating in a plastic container between Manchester and Blake Island. Her head surfaced in the same area of Puget Sound more than two months later.

Early on, detectives identified the four suspects but failed to connect the men to the murder until ten months ago.
Investigators determined Read was killed in August of 2005 after being struck in the head with a metal baton while at a Seattle apartment.

“Afterwards, she was placed in the plastic container and taken to a cabin in Port Orchard owned by one of the suspect’s families, where she ultimately died,” reads the statement.

Read’s body remained there for many weeks “while two of the suspects returned frequently and poured chemicals onto her body to speed up the decomposition process,” the statement adds.

According to police, a separate individual was recruited to help dispose of the body.

The statement claims that Michael Thomason “was later convicted of unlawful disposal of human remains.” It does not elaborate on when Thomason was arrested or convicted, and PEOPLE could not locate court records for that case.

None of the three men has entered pleas yet. Lawyer information for them was not available Friday.

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