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Bianca Rudolph and her husband, Lawrence “Larry” Rudolph, were getting ready to head back to the United States after a safari vacation in Zambia, Africa, in October 2016 when tragedy struck.


Bianca Rudolph was 56 years old.


Larry, a Pittsburgh-area dentist, said he was in the bathroom, heard a gunshot, and found his wife bleeding, dead on the bedroom floor. He said it must have accidentally fired while Bianca was packing the shotgun.

Larry’s description raises questions, says retired FBI Supervisory Special Agent and CBS News consultant James Gagliano. “It boggles the mind that two experienced hunters, for this to have been an accident,” he tells “48 Hours.”

Game scout Spencer Kakoma says he also has questions. He insists after the hunt, the guns were emptied of ammunition.

Larry had his wife’s body quickly cremated in Zambia, which led a friend of Bianca’s to doubt this was an accident. Soon after Bianca’s death, the friend called the FBI. According to an FBI complaint, she also said Lawrence was having an affair and had been verbally abusive to Bianca. The friend also told the FBI that the couple fought over money.

Investigators spent five years working on the case. Larry was arrested in December 2021 for the murder of his wife. He maintains that he is innocent, and his attorneys write in a statement to “48 Hours” that the case is built “… without any real evidence, no eyewitnesses, no forensics, no anything.

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