Who was Benjamin Lloyd Cloer? Bio, Wiki, Murder, Police Report

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A former Georgia sheriff’s deputy pleaded guilty this week to fatally shooting a University of Georgia graduate student Benjamin Lloyd Cloer he believed was having an affair with his wife.


Benjamin Lloyd Cloer was 26 years old.


On November 10, 2019, Benjamin Lloyd Cloer was having a cookout with friends that day and Adams’s wife, Charlotte Adams, had been invited and arrived early. The deputy used a cell phone app to follow her. He entered Cloer’s home with his gun in hand. As Cloer tried to flee, Adams shot him in the hand and twice in the back.

After shooting Cloer — who was three weeks from a master’s degree in artificial intelligence from the Athens university — Adams, off duty and in plain clothes.“I just shot somebody,” he told “My wife was cheating on me, and I couldn’t take it. I didn’t shoot her, I shot the guy. I couldn’t stop myself.”

The call lasted for nearly five minutes, and near the end, Adams asked the dispatcher if Cloer had called.“If you’re there, I’m sorry,” he yelled, then, “Oh my God … I did shoot him. I see him. I see blood on the steps.”Adams’s wife had also called 911, and an operator told her to get away from her husband. In the background of her call, Adams was telling her, “I always loved you, even if you didn’t love me.”

According to Cloer’s family, he was not having an affair with Adams’s wife.

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