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Athena Brownfield

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The search for a missing Athena Brownfield in Oklahoma continues as investigators arrested her caretaker on Thursday.


Athena Brownfield is four years old.


Authorities determined Athena Brownfield was missing after a postal carrier found her 5-year-old sister wandering near her Cyril, Oklahoma, home on Tuesday.

The postal carrier notified the police after finding the child.

The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation (OSBI) arrested Alysia Adams, 31, on Thursday on two counts of child neglect, according to a post shared on Facebook.

The counts stem from Athena’s disappearance and her sister’s brief disappearance from the home while they were in Adams’ and her husband’s care. Authorities did not disclose whether Adams is the children’s mother.

On Wednesday, the Oklahoma Highway Patrol issued a missing and endangered person alert to people in a 15-mile radius of Cyril, according to ABC News.

The OSBI said they follow every tip from Oklahoma and other states.

To find clues about Athena’s whereabouts, the trash service in Cyril is suspended. Cyril is located about 70 miles southwest of Oklahoma City.

Investigators have conducted grid searches and asked community members to search within their properties for Athena. According to ABC News, authorities have also searched for the little girl from above and in waterways to no avail.

They also asked residents to turn in any recordings from Ring cameras that could hold clues as to the child’s whereabouts.

Analysts are now reviewing surveillance video from around Cyril to see if they can find any other evidence that might pinpoint the child’s location.

As for whether Athena could be in danger, OSBI spokeswoman Brook Arbeitman said on Wednesday that “there’s not anything to indicate that other than she’s a little child and she’s missing. She’s on her own in the elements. Is that in danger? Yeah. But is she a victim of physical harm? That’s yet to be determined.”

Anyone with information on her whereabouts is asked to contact the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation at 800-522-8017 or tips@osbi.ok.gov.