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A mother Anna Semyuk hugged her son and daughter after he and his sister made it to safety with a stranger.


Anna Semyuk is 33 years old.


When the people had already left Ukraine as refugees since the war began the Two children are along with them with their father. The mother of the children was travelled from Italy to the Hungarian border to meet their father, who was travelling with their children to get them out of Ukraine. but their father couldn’t take them .as Ukraine has banned men aged 18 to 60 from leaving in a bid to guarantee their ‘defence and the organisation of mobilisation. Waiting at the border crossing on the Ukrainian side, Anna’s husband had put his trust in Nataliya Ableyeva, 58, who ferried the children over the Hungarian border. Nataliya said the children’s father had ‘simply handed over the two kids to me, and trusted me, giving me their passports to bring them over. She took the two small children by the hand and together they crossed the border.

On the Hungarian side at Beregsurany, they waited, sitting on a bench near a tent set up for the steady flow of refugees streaming over the frontier. The little boy was crying when his mobile phone rang. It was his mother, she was nearly at the border post. When Anna arrived she hugged her son and went to her daughter, lying exhausted in the back of a car and wrapped in a pink blanket.


Then Anna Semyuk thanked Ableyeva. Standing in the cold on the scrubby ground, two women embraced for several minutes and started to cry.

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