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Andrew Gosling threw an empty bottle of wine at an ethnic Malaysian-Muslim dinner two floors below his apartment in August 2019, hitting Nasiari Sunee in the head. The bottle bounced and hit his wife in the shoulder. Nassiri, a 73-year-old delivery boy, sustained severe head injuries and died the next morning.


Andrew Gosling is 47 years old.


Gosling displayed a “high level of unconsciousness” and ignored the safety of the group when he threw the bottle. His intoxication may have compromised his judgment, but not to the point of causing mental retardation, the judge said.

Gosling shouted religious vulgarity after throwing the bottle and prosecutors showed religious hostility. The judge agreed, stating that tolerating criminal acts like Gosling’s would undermine Singapore’s racial and religious harmony. About 15% of Singapore’s multiracial population of nearly 6 million are Muslim.


The judge also said the ruling should be a deterrent so that people do not throw dangerous objects from skyscrapers in a country where many people live. The judge said he took into account that Gosling was filled with remorse, surrendered, pleaded guilty, and voluntarily paid compensation to the family.


He sentenced Gosling to four years in prison for causing Nasiari’s death and 18 months for injuring Nasiari’s wife. The sanctions must be consecutive from the day of its delivery in 2019. Nasiari’s wife, Manisha Sitri, declined to comment on the verdict. She was quoted by Channel News Asia as saying “It’s fate”. Her son is also said to have said, “It’s hard to forgive, only time will heal.”

Gosling had been in Singapore just a month before the accident. He told the police that he was thinking of using a gun as a weapon, but he decided it was a “heinous act”. He then retrieved the bottle of wine from a garbage chute and threw it from the seventh floor to the group, who were attending a housewarming party.

Gosling surrendered to the police 10 days later. He told police that he threw the bottle to “surprise” the group because he was angry about the attacks by Islamist militants on the Indonesian island of Bali in 2002 and in Melbourne in 2018 which resulted in the deaths of people.

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