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In the United States, the people’s demand for an end to the use of no-knock warrants — a controversial police officer’s to enter premises without knocking their presence or purpose — is once again reverberating following the police killing of Amir Locke.



Amir Locke was a 22-year-old black man.


Incident Report


mir Locke was a Black man at the center of the latest high-profile officer shooting who had plans to relocate to Dallas from Minneapolis within the week to be closer to his mother. But the day never came after a SWAT team, authorized by a no-knock warrant, entered an apartment where Locke was sleeping on Feb. 2 and shot him multiple times, despite Locke not being part of the warrant. The medical examiner said in a Feb. 4 statement that Locke’s death was ruled a homicide as a result of multiple gunshot wounds fired by Minneapolis police. The same incident occurred nearly two years ago the death of Breonna Taylor, a 26-year-old Black woman whose death sparked national outrage when she was killed in her sleep by police executing a no-knock warrant.

Andre Locke and Karen Wells, Amir Locke’s parents, spoke with people alongside their attorney, Ben Crump, to discuss the perils of no-knock warrants and their impact on their family.


Ms. Wells, mother of Amir Locke:


We want [no knock warrants]] banned across the 50 states, across the United States. We want it banned in the name of Amir Locke so that this doesn’t happen to anybody else’s child.


Mr. Locke, father of Amir Locke:


Some of these people believe because they put the badge on that they’re above the law and they can be accountable from a higher position, but they forget that because they believe when it’s the African American male or a Brown-skin person from our Brown communities, they feel like we’re not human. This is the reason that we have to humanize our children to America to show that this is wrong. He actually relocated to Dallas with me in 2019. We had been there for two years, but Amir was doing [food and grocery delivery] so it can be across the states because he was going back and forth between the Twin Cities and Dallas. Just recently, we both had spoken to him about coming back to Dallas to be with me, and that’s what he was working on.

I watched Amir grow from a baby into a young man. I understood that he enjoyed the music at an early stage. He’s been doing it for years. So when he decided to follow in my footsteps, it just made me a proud papa, and I was absolutely thankful for his choice. I supported him and his mother supported him as well. But let me say this, that wasn’t the only thing Amir was about. That was just a part of it. It was just a part of the dream. So, Amir, his main ambition was to help young people like himself, and he was able to steer them in the right direction. Out of all of his friends, Amir was able to give them direction. So they liked to follow in Amir’s direction because Amir was positive. He was peaceful and he was love.
Mr. Crump
Well, you try to be very honest from day one and say that we can’t promise what’s going to happen with the court system, because it’s the jury who would decide the verdict. But what we talk about is we promise we’ll get to the truth of what happened and the truth is the foundation for justice. And if we can expose the truth and let everybody see, then we believe we can get justice. So we start on this journey together, we start talking about trying to interact and fight, not only in the court of law but also in the court of public opinion. So you’d have Karen bear her heart in these interviews to say, “I’m going to fight to give my son the legacy that he deserves since his life was taken from him.”

You start understanding that this is going to be a lifetime journey from now that she’s forever going to be the voice of her son, and Andre and they will establish and define what his legacy will be. It’s kind of like you are healing because you are finding a way to transform the pain into a purpose.

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