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Alexis Gabe
Alexis Gabe

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Alexis Gabe was publicly classified as a missing person until Thursday, when Oakley Police Chief Paul Beard announced that she was likely murdered by her ex-boyfriend.


Alexis Gabe was 24 years old.


An investigation into the disappearance of a 24-year-old California woman came to a head in Washington state after officers there shot and killed the man believed to be responsible for her murder.

Alexis Gabe was last seen on Jan. 26, in Antioch, Calif. Authorities revealed during a Thursday press conference that evidence collected over the last several months indicates that Gabe is no longer alive.

Authorities believe her ex-boyfriend, 27-year-old Marshall Curtis Jones, killed Gabe at his home in late January, though her body has not yet been recovered.

On Wednesday, a task force tracked Jones to a home in Kent, Wash.
When police knocked on the door and identified themselves, Jones came rushing out with a knife. It was then that a police detective, a sheriff’s deputy and a U.S. marshal fired their weapons, killing Jones. Jones was proclaimed dead at the scene. Police say he had been staying at the home with an associate.

While authorities believe Jones to be the sole suspect in the murder, they say he may have had help covering up the crime afterward.
Gabe’s parents were present for the press conference, and expressed disappointment over Jones’ death, according to KNTV.

“We wanted to meet with him face-to-face, look him in the eye and ask him, ‘Why? Why would you do this, and where is our daughter?'” said Gwyn Gabe, the victim’s father, adding he won’t stop searching for his daughter’s remains.

“If you have a conscience, please speak up,” Rowena Gabe, her mother, said, addressing anyone who may have helped Jones. “Tell us where is my daughter, what happened to her, please. I want her back. That’s all we want.”

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