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Alexis Gabe went missing from ex-boyfriend Marshall Curtis Jones’ home in Antioch in late January. Her car was found with the door open and keys in the ignition. Suspicion quickly fell on Jones, who left the state for Kent, Wash. In June, he was killed by federal officers attempting to serve him with an arrest warrant. At that time, Bay Area police announced they believed that the 27-year-old Jones had killed Gabe.


Alexis Gabe was 24 years old.


Partial remains found earlier this week have been identified as belonging to a California woman who has been missing since late January.

Alexis Gabe was last seen at her ex-boyfriend’s apartment in Antioch, as CrimeOnline previously reported. Her car was later found with the door open, the keys in the ignition, and her cell phone case near the ex-boyfriend’s home.

The former boyfriend, 27-year-old Marshall Curtis Jones, fled the state for Washington and was shot and killed in June when he allegedly drew a knife on federal marshals trying to serve an arrest warrant for him.

The City of Oakley said that a resident of the Plymouth area in Amador County — about 80 miles from Antioch and nearby Oakley, where Gabe lived — spotted what was believed to be human remains late Thursday afternoon and contacted the sheriff’s office. Deputies responded to the location and recovered the remains, but a further search of the area was delayed until Friday morning.

Oakley and Antioch police officers joined the search on Friday, but no further remains were located.

By Friday night, a forensic odontologist identified the partial remains as Gabe using dental records.

The sheriff’s office said that the area where the remains were found was “identified early on as an area where Marshall Curtis Jones traveled to in the hours and days after Alexis was reported as missing.”

Investigators said they believe the rest of Gabe’s remains are likely “scattered in various areas” and that a full recovery may not be possible.

The sheriff’s office said it would provide further information at a news conference early next week.