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A 1-year-old girl from Texas at the center of an Amber Alert was stabbed to death by her father, who then killed himself after being cornered by cops, police said.


Alexander Barrios Ordonez was 24 years old.


A 1-year-old Texas girl and her father are dead after he reportedly kidnapped the toddler from her babysitter’s home and fled with her in a stolen tow truck.

An Amber Alert was issued Tuesday night for Leylani Ordonez after Alexander Barrios Ordonez, 24, entered a business, stabbed a man, stole his tow truck, and then drove to the babysitter’s home in Rosenberg.

Police said he forced his way inside and took off in the truck shortly after 6 p.m., KTRK reported.

Law enforcement agencies from the surrounding area located the truck at about 2 a.m. Wednesday and Ordonez led them on an hour-long chase.

Authorities got ahead of him on FM-762, back in Rosenberg, and threw out spike strips, ending the pursuit, KHOU reported. But Ordonez exited the truck with the bloody baby in his arms and stabbed himself.

Leylani Ordonez
Leylani Ordonez

“We don’t know the exact moment when the baby was injured. But we know that when he exited the vehicle, the baby was already bloody,” Rosenberg Police Lt. Suni Jugueta said. “Don’t know if it happened right before he exited the vehicle, but we know it didn’t happen when he exited.”

Officials said that Ordonez and Leylani were taken to a nearby hospital, where they both died.

KHOU reported that the daughter of the tow truck owner said the suspect was a former employee of her father’s who had worked with him for less than four months. She didn’t know if Ordonez was fired or quit.

KEYE reported that the truck owner is expected to recover.