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Adrian Michael Crump
Adrian Michael Crump

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Adrian Michael Crump of North Carolina, with a lengthy history of arrests for impersonating a law enforcement officer, was arrested again this week on the same charge, just over five months after his last conviction.


Adrian Michael Crump is 59 years old.


According to an arrest warrant, Adrian Michael Crump was pretending to be a CIA officer on Thursday at a Wake Forest Planet Fitness gym, WBTW reported.

Crump “falsely represent[ed] to Planet Fitness gym members that the defendant was a sworn law-enforcement officer by displaying a badge signifying to a reasonable person that the defendant was a law enforcement officer,” the warrant said.

Crump was convicted of impersonating a law enforcement officer on May 9 in Nash County, where he lives in Rocky Mount, about 30 miles from Wake Forest.

According to the Rocky Mount Telegram, Nash County deputies were sent to arrest Crump on September 24, 2021, stemming from an incident on August 11, in which Crump, wearing a T-shirt with a “federal agent” logo on the front and a likeness of a badge on front left breast pocket area — as well as a gold CIA badge attached to the front of the shirt — allegedly verbally identified himself as an officer and presented various documents he said proved he was an investigator with the CIA and the US Department of Homeland Security.

Further investigation revealed the documents to be fake, and the deputies went to arrest him. Crump asked the deputies to step inside when they saw marijuana and paraphernalia, and Crump was charged with possessing and impersonating a police officer.

The Telegram said that Crump was convicted in Virginia in August 2012 and April 2014 for impersonating a police officer, both times while driving a personal vehicle equipped with flashing lights.

In Minnesota, Crump was ordered to have a psychiatric evaluation in 2012 after he was arrested outside a bank carrying a firearm without a permit and identification that labeled him a federal agent. He was wearing a T-shirt with ‘US Federal Agent” on the front and back and a holster with a fully loaded magazine. He also had a CIA license plate on the back of his vehicle, a badge and credentials inside the car, a baton, two sets of handcuffs, a large can of chemical spray, and different ID cards in his name and credit cards.

He told officers he was on official government business but refused to provide any contact information with the CIA or Homeland Security.

The local FBI office later confirmed that he had no records of affiliation with the CIA or even an independent contractor hired by the agency.

Four years earlier, Crump was charged with impersonating a US Navy officer in Minnesota to obtain cash and health insurance premiums he was not authorized to receive. The documents he used to get the money turned out to be fake.

Crump is due in court for the most recent charge on December 12.