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Adam Simjee
Adam Simjee

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Adam Simjee was visiting the forest with his girlfriend, Mikayla Paulus, when they were flagged down by a woman on the side of the road, according to the University of Central Florida, Simjee was a student at the university since the fall of 2021 and was enrolled in classes for this fall semester.


Adam Simjee was 22 years old.


The shared dreams of a Florida couple about to begin a year of college together were shattered Sunday morning in Alabama when a young man was fatally shot during a robbery that took place inside Talladega National Forest near Cheaha State Park, people confirm.

Two women are now facing criminal charges for their alleged roles in the shooting death of Adam Simjee, 22.

According to a statement from the Clay County Sheriff’s Office, Simjee’s girlfriend, 20-year-old Mikayla Paulus, called 911 soon after the killing and told authorities that Simjee exchanged gunfire with one of the suspects identified by police as Yasmine Hider.

Hider’s age was not revealed.

The statement says that responding officers arrived to find Paulus performing CPR on her long-time boyfriend. A female, “later identified as Yasmine Hider, was laying on the ground nearby,” reads the statement. “Hider had suffered several gunshots to her torso.”

Simjee was declared dead at the scene.

“It was determined that Hider had attempted to rob Simjee and Paulus at gunpoint and was subsequently shot by Simjee who had a handgun concealed on his person,” reads the statement. “Hider was transported from the scene by ambulance to a nearby landing zone and airlifted to a Birmingham hospital where she underwent surgery for her injuries.”

WBMA spoke with Paulus, who said the couple was heading to Arkansas on a road trip planned for the week before they would attend classes at the University of Central Florida. They came upon a woman who appeared to be experiencing car trouble — who police allege was Hider — and decided to do what they could to help. After the couple worked on the car together for an hour, the vehicle was still inoperable.

“At the end, when nothing could be done, she pulled out a gun and walked [us] into the woods,” Paulus told WBMA.

The woman allegedly told the pair to drop their cell phones, Paulus said. That is when “Adam pulled out his gun and told her to get on the ground and that’s when she started messing around with her gun. It jammed once but they both shot at each other and she was shot a few times and he was shot only once,” Paulus alleged.

Paulus retrieved her phone from the woods and called 911 before ripping her shirt off and using it as a tourniquet to stop Simjee’s bleeding. She began CPR on him, but he never regained consciousness.

“He literally was like an angel on earth already,” she described. “Everyone who met him loved him. He was always making jokes and being goofy. Him dying a hero to protect me, like that is just so him.”

Paulus told WBMA that she and the woman spoke as she waited for the police to arrive.

“The girl was asking if she could get away because she had a child and she needed food and it wasn’t supposed to be like this and she can’t go to jail but her femur was shattered and she couldn’t get away,” Paulus recalled.

The sheriff’s office statement alleges that investigators learned that a second “female suspect was present during the robbery and had fled the scene on foot after the shots were fired.”

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